Friday, December 28, 2007

A big THANK YOU to John Burnam!!!

To the right is a photo from Vietnam of John Burman and his MWD named Clipper.

John played a HUGE role in helping the Lee Family(see postings below)get MWD retired and back to his loving family.  

I had the privilege, and I would say the up most honor of speaking to this amazing man, and he certainly is doing AMAZING THINGS!

A little about his history:
He is the author of "A Soldier's Best Friend" and "Dog Tags of Courage."  An updated version of "A Soldier's Best Friend," will be republished with some added information coming out in June 2008 by Sterling Publishing out of NY.

He is a very busy man, besides his speaking engagements across the U.S., he also is currently working on trying to get congress to have a National War Dog Memorial in the nation's capital! 

I will keep you posted because he is constantly on the move!  Oh, and if you forget about the June 2008 book coming out, don't worry(Vitamin B12 helps LOL)I will remind you to go and pick up your copy.

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